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Pop art paintings to buy

Pop art paintings for sale


I am Priscilla Vettese, a contemporary painter and realize pop art paintings painted with finesse on the canvas.


Each pop art painting made on canvas is unique and original, my medium is high quality acrylic paint (extra fine).

Pop art paintings to discover in this art gallery

Each pop art painting is varnished by the use of several coats of high quality gloss varnish.

On each colored painting , I pay particular attention to the quality of it in order to guarantee you quality and optimal protection over time.

The Birth of Pop Art

Pop art is an artistic movement originating in Great Britain which is largely inspired by the United States of the 1950s. One of the artist ambassadors of this movement and the best known is Andy Warhol.

The pop art movement draws its inspiration from the consumer society and the so-called contemporary mass culture, exported by the United States just after the Second World War in Western Europe.


Artists like Andy Warhol or Marcel Duchamp use the images or everyday objects that surround them. These come from the press, the cinema, advertising as well as comics.

Pop art therefore means Popular Art directly from our consumer society. Note that pop art is opposed to abstraction (the dominant artistic principle in the 1950s) and denounces the elitism of art and culture by presenting this art as a consumable, cheap, disposable subject, ephemeral...

Unique and colorful modern pop art paintings on sale

Pop art paintings are now part of our modern daily life and are a reflection of our current consumer society.

These colorful pop art paintings are essentially inspired by our contemporary culture and often claim the consumer society.

The colorful pop art works offered for sale here are unique and hand painted by the artist. These modern colorful works represent famous popular icons, superhero characters from the world of Comics .

To discover the entire collection available on the pop art theme, simply visit the gallery of paintings offered below by the painter.


Let yourself be surprised by each colorful pop art painting representing different themes: superheroes, artist painters ...

To know all the terms and conditions for purchasing a painting , please click here .

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