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Pop Art Paintings For Sale
Buy Pop Street Art Paintings on Canvas

pop art painting

Discover Colorful Pop Art Paintings Of The Artist

Pop art lovers appreciate unique and original artworks that are out of the ordinary. If you are part of this category of art collectors, you will not be disappointed by the pop art paintings of the painter. This online gallery presents an exceptional selection of his pop art works currently available for sale.

The Artist, a talented creator of street art paintings

Priscilla Vettese was able to combine pop art and street art styles to create unique and sparkling pop street art paintings. Her artwork is remarkable for its hexagonal graphic simplicity, its explosive color and its very remarkable technique. Each of his paintings is a work of art in its own right, which brings a personal touch to your interior decoration.

Each pop art painting is varnished using several layers of high quality gloss varnish.

On each colored painting, the artist PVettese pays particular attention to the quality of it in order to guarantee you optimal quality and protection over time.

The Birth of Pop Art

Pop art is an artistic movement coming from Great Britain which is largely inspired by the United States of the 1950s. One of the ambassador artists of this movement and the best known is Andy Warhol. ​ The pop art movement draws its inspiration from consumer society and so-called contemporary mass culture, exported by the United States just after the Second World War to Western Europe. Artists like Andy Warhol or Marcel Duchamp use images or everyday objects that surround them. These come from the press, cinema, advertising and comic strips. ​ Pop art therefore means Popular Art directly from our consumer society. Note that pop art opposes abstraction (the dominant artistic principle in the 1950s) and denounces the elitism of art and culture by presenting this art as a consumable, cheap, disposable subject, short-lived...

The art gallery, a space dedicated to modern pop art paintings

In this online art gallery you can discover a varied choice of colorful pop art paintings by the artist, all created with care and passion. Each pop street art painting is a unique piece, which will allow you to personalize your living space with a touch of color and originality. The online gallery is committed to providing you with a pleasant and secure online shopping experience, with customer service always on hand to answer all your questions.

Offer an original pop art painting/modern pop street art painting on canvas by the artist

If you are looking for a modern pop art painting that is out of the ordinary, look no further. Pop Art paintings are a wise choice for those looking for a touch of color and originality in their interior design.

Original pop art paintings are now part of our modern daily life and are a reflection of our current consumer society

Modern pop art paintings are essentially inspired by our contemporary culture and often claim consumer society through strong and assertive messages displayed in the street.

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