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Order a custom pop art painting

Buy a unique personalized sculpture from an french artist

Priscilla Vettese is an artist based in Paris and she created with passion your colorful personalized painting / your custom sculpture according to your wishes with its unique artistic pop art style.


What is the purpose of a custom order?

The artist respects your wishes by representing the subject as accurately as possible.

Detail and technique are her obsessions.


It is an original, unique gift idea.

An authentic bespoke gift hand-painted from the artist.

custom pop art lion sculpture

The custom order is a unique, original handmade creation, the order can be made from photo or according to your personal wish.


For a custom painting , the artist uses quality acrylic "Sennelier", "Liquitex", "Amsterdam". It is her favorite medium.

This allows her to create a personalized painting of excellent quality and to vary the techniques, the artist always finalizes his custom paintings with high-gloss "Liquitex" varnish, for a very good hold of the canvas over time.

You can have your personalized statue made from that of a loved one, your animal or whatever of your choice.

For the personalized painting , I make custom orders from a photo or according to your wishes.

In order to obtain an excellent rendering for your personalized art the artwork is made on cotton canvas.

The artist is attentive to your preferences:

custom painting or custom sculpture

The artist will take care of your tailor-made order respecting your wishes, your personal tastes, your desires.

In the art, everything is possible and possible!

Each pop art artwork (painting, sculpture)

is unique according to your own wishes


  • From your photo or according to your  wishes, I make custom pop art paintings colorful and detailed.

The artist  wishes to capture the power and energy of the emotion like joy that emerges from it to the maximum.

  • The french artist also likes to be told about the subject to be painted, its character, the family bond that adds a sentimental value to personalized paintings or statues and promotes a connection of sensitivity with his clients.

  • A personalized pop art sculpture / a custom painting is an imprint of time which will take on a value full of emotion over the ages.

Buy a pop art personalized sculpture or a pop art custom sculpture

Buy a custom order to celebrate an important event in your life

Sensitivity, intuition and inspiration come together to allow the artist to create personalized paintings or custom drawings in graphite pencil echoing the soul and emotions of people, subjects, memories ...


Each custom order is made in conscience and passion with mixed media, to which the painter atist associates joy and passion, his own emotions and her personal colorful style.


There are multiple opportunities to offer a custom order:

birthday, wedding, retirement, painting from your photos of stars, painting of your passions, baptism, Valentine's Day, Christmas ...
Or indulge yourself with a unique, handmade and original order.

How to buy a custom painting or a personalized statue?

Here is the process to order a custom creation from the artist.

Your order will be a unique, original and personalized, persons, places or events of your own choice.

Send me your photo or describe your wishes (in detail) via the form

Your personalized acrylic painting on canvas

Simone Veil
peinture simone veil
commande personnalisée peinture dessin

Your custom painting / sculpture


  • Quality acrylic paint with high protection gloss varnish "Liquitex"

  • Unique and authentic work

  • Realistic and detailed rendering

  • Accessible prices and payment in installments possible

  • Each painting / sculpture is handsigned, countersigned with its certificate of authenticity

envoi photo commande sur mesure

Sending your photo by email or a description of your desires for your custom creation

  • Send your photo for a custom painting or custom drawing in good resolution ( 300dpi )

  • Entrust your desires for your custom project ( project without photo ): dimensions, style, colors.

  • For any questions, I will answer you within 24 hours.

paiement sécurisé.png

Your handmade order step by step

  • A sample of your project will be painted, to give you an overview of the final work (colors and style). If you like, a deposit of 50% is to be paid to cover the costs of the supplies and to start your order.

  • Custom order progress photos will be sent to you so you can request changes in order to have a painting that you want and really like.

  • The balance of the amount of the order will be payable as soon as the work has been finalized, in order to organize its shipping.

  • Payment in several installments is possible by check, notify me of your collection dates on the back.

envoi commande dessin peinture colis

Custom packaging and shipping time for your unique order

  • Upon receipt of your request, a sample is painted within 3 days, and once the deposit has been paid, the order completion time is 2 to 4 weeks depending on the size of the project and the orders already in progress.

  • Preparation of your custom order in a secure and protected package.

  • The delivery time is 2 to 4 days by letter followed or colissimo followed.

  • Free delivery in France

Custom order price list

Description of the prices valid for custom paintings and personalized sculpture

Custom order prices displayed with delivery costs included (Metropolitan France)

For custom orders from 3 faces, contact me via the form specifying it in " details ".

The format prices are indicated by default, it is quite possible to request a smaller or larger format.

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