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Born in 1985, Priscilla Vettese is a Pop Art French artist based in Paris.


Through her Art, she seeks to capture the vibrant and dynamic essence of our contemporary society.

Blending influences from mass media and the rebellious spirit of street art, she boldly reinterprets artistic and contemporary icons.

An artist with a big heart, she enjoys sharing her work on the streets by pasting her pieces made in her Parisian studio.

She also painted on a wall at Spot 13 (Paris 13th) in June 2022.


With sensitivity, she celebrates the beauty of the ordinary and consumer society, playing with vivid colors and eye-catching elements, thus creating visually striking works.

These pop art symbols illustrate the impacts of consumer society and popular culture on the artist, whose mind is constantly bubbling with ideas, as well as the myriad stimuli that feed her inner restlessness.

With a colorful and energetic pop street art style, she evokes intense emotions and invites the viewer to reflect. Dive into her sparkling, bubbling, and dreamlike universe, where each work is an invitation to explore an ineffable reality.

Find Priscilla on social networks: Instagram , Facebook and LinkedIn

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