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PVettese, born in 1985 in Paris, is inspired by Monet, Van Gogh and Chagall to create a prolific body of work combining mixed media on various media, from canvas to sculptures.


The artist won the public prize in 2020 during the Printemps des Arts de Ronsy and is known for her striking frescoes at Spot 13 and Frigos in the 13th arrondissement, as well as for her exhibitions at the ERBK Gallery, highlighted by collaborations with Squeezie and Joyca on YouTube.

Alongside his artistic achievements, PVettese is actively involved in charitable initiatives, participating in exhibitions and auctions to support the most deprived and the environment, with organizations such as Faire ma Part and the NGO Humy.

His art, combining abstract and bright colors exploring themes such as nature, invites reflection on life and human diversity. Her technique uses acrylic, aerosols and oil pastels to create multidimensional works with unique textures.

PVettese evolved from Pop Art to Expressionist Abstract, exploring a deeper emotional palette and increased artistic freedom to captivate and provoke thought in viewers.

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