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Priscilla Vettese is a French painter born in 1985 and from Montreuil in the Paris suburbs.

Self-taught, she has been passionate about the visual arts since her childhood and improves her skills by taking courses in visual arts and art history.

Through his colorful paintings such as portraits, landscapes and abstracts, the influence of Monet and Van Gogh is felt. She is fascinated by their mastery of colors and light, particularly very expressive for Van Gogh.

Gradually, his style evolves, the predominant nature in his first works evolves, takes on a new meaning with the emergence of free and aerial plant motifs (leaves, petals).

Priscilla is convinced that fragility is above all an inner force, both in nature and in humans, especially after discovering their hypersensitivity.

The notion of sensitivity (fragility) then takes on its full meaning and can be a power (force) to turn into a real asset.

The idea of ​​these two states gives him an immense source of inspiration and therefore echoes his personal experience.

We find in his works themes inscribed in a relationship between these two concepts.

The plant motifs are recurring and seem to be carried away by a light breeze that can symbolize lightness, freedom, sensitivity, fulfillment ...

She also wishes to denounce the ban, the denial of the fragility within our society which is often associated with the weakness where the strongest, beautiful, young, autonomous ... can succeed socially and professionally.

Priscilla thus invites us to question ourselves on these two states: should we confront them? Or can they rather be complementary? What if sensitivity was in fact a real strength?

His colorful universe is expressed through acrylic painting on canvas in different formats which is dynamic, meticulous and colorful. She also likes to paint on paper as in her beginnings in painting.

More recently, his expressive art has extended to sculptures and various supports (signage).

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​PERMANENT EXPO - Art'istes Art Gallery - Chanaz (73), France
EXPO— Collective Exhibition - ERBK Gallery from November 26 to 12, 2022, Paris 6th

STREET ART—Mural “Tribute to Van Gogh” Spot 13, June 2022, Paris 13th

STREET ART—Collages / Aerosol, Paris 13th (Buttes aux Cailles, Lavo//Matik) and Paris 19th (Rue Denoyez, Bellevedère de Belleville)

EXPO- 2nd edition "Les Arts Rosnéens" - March 8 to 31, 2022 - Rosny sous Bois (93)
EXPO - Biennial art market VILL'ARTS - Arts and Artists - June 11 and 12, 2022 - Conflans Sainte Honorine (78) - Postponed -

EXPO - Festival of Sacred Arts, December 6 to 12, 2021 - Compiègne (60)

EXPO– Academy of Arts of Gournay—November 22 to December 5—Gournay (93)

EXPO - ART SHOPPING fair - Carrousel du Louvre, June 18 to 20, 2021 - Paris (75)

EXPO - Exhibition of the Laureates of the Printemps des Artistes 2020, March 2 to 25, 2021 - Rosny sous bois (93)

EXPO - Exhibition "Les Arts Rosnéens" March 2 to 25 - Rosny sous Bois (93)

EXPO - Roz In Winter Gallery - January 9 to 29, 2021 - Barbizon (77)

EXPO-Galerie Libre Est L'Art - September 19 to 25, 2020, Paris 3rd

DISTINCTION - "Special Recognition for excellence in art" award - “10th Anniversary” Light Space Time (USA)

EXPO - "10th Anniversary" Virtual Exhibition - July 25 to October 02, 2020, Light Space Time (CA, USA)

DISTINCTION - Certificate of encouragement from the artistic commission - Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

DISTINCTION - Audience Award - Rosnéennes Artists Spring 2020

EXPO- Printemps des Artistes Rosnéens - March 5 to April 2, 2020, Rosny sous bois (93)


EXPO - Christmas market - Fort de Rosny - Rosny sous bois (93)

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Art galleries / Exhibitions (Salon, Fair ...)

Some of Priscilla Vettese's original works on this site may be intended for art galleries or exhibitions.

These works are exhibited and sold, throughout the year or during exceptional events and exhibitions.

Priscilla studies all the different collaboration requests and selects the galleries or events that fit into her artistic vision.


Vissert Art Gallery 

(The Hague - Netherlands)

Zwanenlaan 1
2566 EL Den Haag

VisserArtGallery started with a personal passion for finding and collecting affordable, modern art.

The collection quickly expanded and led to numerous partnerships with talented local and international artists.


Find several works by Priscilla Vettese in this gallery.

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galerie artistes

Artists Gallery (Chanaz et Annecy)
Tel : +337 80 99 31 80

Galerie Art'istes is a gallery of confirmed and emerging artists, passionate about contemporary art, pop art and street art, based in Annecy.

Find several works by Priscilla Vettese on the gallery's website.

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catawiki art

Catawiki (Netherlands)

Catawiki is an online auction platform for exceptional, unique or unusual objects. It is an online platform where you will find rare objects in different fields: art (street art, pop art...etc), design (pop art sculpture...etc), luxury, vintage cars, jewelry... etc


You will therefore find at auction some of the works of Priscilla Vettese selected by experts on this site.


Signature Fine Art
(Miami - USA)

Phone: +1 (844) 472-7639


Signature Fine Art is a fast-growing modern art gallery, connecting people to the art and artists they love, and offering a fine selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and collectibles created by artists in different price ranges with a strong focus on Contemporary Art, Cubism, Pop Art and Street Art.

You will find some of Priscilla Vettese some artworks in this art gallery.


ERBK Gallery
(Paris -6th, FRANCE)

Phone: +33 (0)6 37 38 76 35


Located in the heart of Paris, in the historic district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the ErbK gallery was born in July 2020. Created by a street art enthusiast, its vocation is to support urban creation in all its forms. . It thus accompanies many artists, both emerging and established, with a rich program of exhibitions.

Works (sculptures and paintings) by Priscilla Vettese are exhibited in this art gallery.