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Original Wall Sculptures


Welcome to the online store of Pop Art Wall Sculptures by the artist PVettese.


Here is a 100% original collection of 3d wall sculptures to buy online.


If you love pop art and are looking for original 3D pop art works to decorate your home, office or garden, then you've come to the right place!

Each wall sculpture can be hung using their attachment system attached to the back of the box or placed on a piece of furniture to view it from all sides!


Don’t hesitate to discover these 3D pop art wall sculptures below.


The painter is proud to present to you a unique offer of 3-dimensional wall sculptures for all tastes and budgets, whether it is a Hello Kitty pop art wall sculpture in a Campbell Soupe box, a 3D Basquiat wall sculpture mixing playmobil pez in a Campbell Soup, a 3D Campbell Soup work from which a Playmobil princess comes out or a 3D pop art work with Snoopy practicing magic in a mini Campbell Soup.

The artist's imagination has no limits, enter it and escape with these unique wall sculptures with their 100% pop, colorful, sparkling and assertive universe.


Each 3D work of art being imagined, designed and personalized by the artist, they will undoubtedly bring a touch of pop art style and originality to any space and will impress guests.


    Discover the colorful and fun world of pop art wall sculptures created with passion in the exclusive workshop of the artist PVettese.
    Each piece is an original 3D work of art, skillfully mixing the artist's boundless imagination with a strong and sparkling style.

    Explore its art store and treat yourself to a unique visual experience by treating yourself to these unique 3D pop art works that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary.

    Transform your spaces with the vibrant energy of Pop Art with our exceptional wall sculptures.
    Make a bold statement in your decor by purchasing unique and authentic sculptures, created exclusively by PVettese Artiste Peintre.

    She likes to use different techniques - such as for her pop art sculptures - to give character and life to these wall works. Each 3D wall sculpture is original and designed to last.

    If you have any questions you can contact the artist or would like more information about these original 3D sculptures.
    Browse the online gallery now to discover the unique works of art that the artist offers you.

    The works are signed, carefully varnished for optimal UV protection and delivered with their certificates of authenticity, each signed by the hand of the artist to guarantee originality.

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