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Colored acrylic paintings / Buy a colorful painting


Discover all the colored paintings for sale by the expressionist artist Priscilla Vettese: colorful figurative paintings / colorful abstract paintings

Different colored paintings for sale

In this section, each colored painting for sale is achieved through the use of several acrylic painting of different colors.

I pay particular attention to the quality of the paint and the varnish applied in order to guarantee excellent resistance over time and to light.

Interested to buy a colorful painting?

  • Do you like figurative colorful paintings?

  • Or are you more attracted to colorful abstract paintings?

  • Or even both ?!


You are in the good place. That's good the painter also adores the color association and invites you to discover his colorful paintings from his inspirations and his sensitivity.

Do you have a crush on one of the colorful paintings?

If you wish, here are all the terms of sales and delivery to read here.

Do you want to order a custom colored painting? This is possible, feel free to contact the artist by email.