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Colored pop art paintings / Buy an original painting


Discover all the pop art paintings for sale by the french artist Priscilla Vettese: original pop art paintings on canvas

Discover the Colorful Pop Art Paintings by the Artist

Pop art enthusiasts appreciate unique and original works that stand out from the ordinary. If you belong to this category of collectors, you will not be disappointed by the pop art paintings of the artist.

This online gallery presents you with an exceptional selection of her pop art works currently available for sale.

The talented creator of pop art paintings

Artist painter Priscilla Vettese has skillfully combined pop art and street art styles to create unique and vibrant pop art paintings. Her work is remarkable for its hexagonal graphic simplicity, explosive color, and highly notable technique.


Each of her paintings is a standalone work of art that adds a personal touch to your interior decor.

Each pop art painting is varnished using multiple layers of high-quality glossy varnish.

On each colorful painting, artist painter Priscilla Vettese pays special attention to its quality to ensure optimal quality and long-term protection."

Do you want to order a custom colored painting? This is possible, feel free to contact the artist by email.

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