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Discover PVettese's Pop Art through her unique Bearbricks

Pop art has always been a captivating artistic movement, blending popular culture, vibrant colors, and a touch of audacity.

Among the artists excelling in this discipline, PVettese stands out with her unique Bearbrick Pop Art figurines. In this article, you will explore the artistic universe of PVettese - Priscilla Vettese, and learn how you can acquire one of her unique creations.

bearbrick pop art

A mini Bearbrick in a Dior bag envisioned by the artist

Who is the artist PVettese?

PVettese, alias Priscilla Vettese, is a french Pop Art artist whose artwork is recognized in the world of art.

Her passion for pop culture, iconic figures, and vibrant colors shines through in each of her creations. PVettese has made her mark in the art world with her unique style that reinvents everyday objects into original works of art.

French artist pop art PVettese

The Unique Bearbricks by PVettese

One of PVettese's most iconic creations is her series of Pop Art Bearbricks.

The Bearbricks, vinyl figurines in the shape of a bear, have been customized by PVettese for her unique art.

Each Bearbrick is meticulously customized by the artist, making it an exceptional collector's piece. These original works of art are a perfect fusion of the world of designer toys and contemporary art.

bearbrick brillo

Brillo Bear - A one-of-a-kind piece conceived and crafted by the artist, combining Bearbrick and Brillo box.

Each of PVettese's Bearbricks tells a different story, using vibrant and sparkling colors, bold patterns, and references to pop culture (brand logos, stickers).

Art enthusiasts can spend hours admiring these unique creations, discovering new details with every glance.

How to Buy a PVettese Bearbrick Pop Art

If you've fallen in love with the Pop Art of artist PVettese and want to add one of her creations to your collection, here are some simple steps to purchase a PVettese Bearbrick Pop Art:

  1. Visit the artist's online gallery: Head to PVettese's official shop to browse her collection of available works for purchase. You'll find images of each Bearbrick along with information on available sizes and prices.

  2. Choose your favorite artwork: Explore PVettese's gallery of works and select the one that resonates with you the most. Each Bearbrick is unique, so make sure to choose the one that matches your artistic sensibility.

  3. Add to your cart: Once you've made your choice, add the Bearbrick to your shopping cart on PVettese's website.

  4. Proceed to payment: Follow the steps to complete your order by providing the necessary information for delivery and secure online payment.

  5. Receive your Bearbrick Pop Art: After placing your order, all that's left is to wait for your artwork to arrive at your doorstep. PVettese's Bearbricks are shipped with the utmost care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

bearbrick pop art

Bearbrick Figure Height 32 cm - My Big Hex Bear #1 - 2023 - Sold Out

The Bearbrick creations by PVettese are a captivating fusion of colors, pop culture references, and creativity.

If you're looking to add a unique piece to your art collection, the pop art artist's Bearbricks are an exceptional choice.

Feel free to explore her collection of pop art sculptures and select the artwork that inspires you the most to bring an authentic touch of creativity to your interior.

bearbrick pop art

My Big Supreme Bear - Height 32 cm - Bearbrick Customized by the Artist - 2023 - Sold

The artist also offers the option to customize your own Bearbrick.

Imagine having a Bearbrick figurine that perfectly embodies your artistic vision, your favorite colors, or even a special representation of your favorite pop icon.

Order Your Custom Bearbrick: A Personalized Work of Art

If you dream of owning a unique and personalized artwork that perfectly reflects your style, then ordering a custom Bearbrick from the pop art artist is the perfect solution.

With PVettese, you have the opportunity to collaborate closely to create a piece that will be both an expression of your individuality and an original and unique work of art.

Custom art transcends the boundaries between art and personal expression.

By ordering a custom Bearbrick, you not only create an exceptional piece of art but also a unique artistic experience that truly represents you.

Discover how to get your own custom Bearbrick from PVettese and add a personal touch to your art collection today.

Once you provide us with an idea of your artistic preferences and specific needs, the artist will get in touch to discuss your custom project.

Whether you want a piece of art that tells your personal story or you're looking to give a unique gift, the artist can bring your vision to life with their unmatched talent.

So don't wait, fill out the contact form today and let us create a custom Bearbrick that will be the gem of your art collection.

All you have to do is contact her using the contact form on the website through the link below.


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Pop Urban Artist Paris

Priscilla Vettese is a pop urban artist.

In her studio in Paris she captures his canvases through his emotions, the intensity of colors, composes colorful textures with spontaneous, trendy colorful touches to immortalize the moment in acrylic.

Through pop art paintings and pop art sculptures , her inspiration comes for the admiration of colors.

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