Goldorak Pop Art Unique Painting by an artist

Goldorak pop art painting on artist painter canvas

Are you looking for a pop colorful Goldorak painting for your interior?

Are you a fan of this Japanese cartoon featuring Actarus and Grendizer?

You will surely be seduced by the pop art paintings of the artist painter Priscilla Vettese.

peinture goldorak
Pop art painting on canvas Grendizer (2021) 40x40 cm - Available -

Grendizer Actarus Painting on paper

Painting on canvas remaining his favorite medium, the artist does not hesitate to paint on different mediums such as on grain paper where Goldorak and Actarus are drawn and handpainted.

peinture goldorak
Goldorak Painting Frame (art paper) 21 x 29.7 cm (2021) - Available

Discover here a painting representing Grendizer with his astero-ax hand painted on high quality 250 mg art paper.

A glass frame (front / back) elegantly frames the A4-size framed work (21 x 29.7cm) with a fastening system provided at the back.