Colorful pop art painting of the Joker

Pop art dc comics Joker's painting

Unique and colorful, this colorful pop art painting will delight fans of the famous Joker from the world of the famous dc comics Batman.

If you are looking for a pop art painting for your interior or to enrich your collection, the unique style of this pop art work should please you.

This work on pop art canvas is titled "Power Of Joker" and measures 61 x 50 cm.

A modern pop art painting that lives up to its title since the work represents the Joker in all its splendor and seems to have fun playing with cards.

tableau pop art joker

"Power of Joker", modern pop art painting by the painter artist Priscilla Vettese

Modern pop art painting Power of Joker

This colorful modern pop art painting is handpainted by the pop artist Priscilla Vettese, using high quality extra fine acrylic painting.

It is a unique artwork that will not fail to bring character to your interior decoration.

It is perfect for collectors of dc comics including the super villain, Joker.

Pop art leaves plenty of room for color and offers limitless inspiration. That is why the painter artist Priscilla Vettese has evolved into this artistic style. The artist made this artwork with great pleasure!