Bulldog Sculpture: "King Bulldog" Statue

Sculpture Bulldog Design

Today I present to you this new artwork Bulldog sculpture.

Entitled King Bulldog, this small dog statue is really trendy. Indeed, pop art colors are very bright with pink, turquoise blue, white and its graffiti and capture the eye.

I like to use the turquoise hue in works that are predominantly pink, blue, or purple and combine it with mixed techniques such as adhesive and posca.

Sculpture bouledogue
Handpainted pop art Bulldog sculpture by artist Priscilla Vettese

This Bulldog statue has dimensions of a length of 14 cm x a height of 15 cm x and a width (paws to paws of the dog) of 8.5 cm.

This animal sculpture was made with acrylic paint. The use of mixed techniques such as the use of the brush, posca markers and adhesive tapes bring character and originality to the work.

I attach great importance to the finalization of the work in particular by using an ultra shiny varnish (glossy) and protective for a better longevity and UV protection of the sculpture.

This Bulldog statuette is in resin and will allow you to bring a lot of elegance and refinement to your interior decoration.

Nothing better to impress your guests with this resin bulldog that is sure to sublimate your interior! If your style of decoration is ethnic, Scandinavian, shabby chic, nature etc ... Bulldog animal sculpture will always be welcome.

It will brighten up and dress up your interior decoration with refinement!