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Priscilla Vettese has always been drawn to the visual arts, having taken courses in visual arts and art history, she has been practicing drawing and painting since her childhood.

After the discovery of his hypersensitivity, his life takes another turn, art is back in force in his daily life and gradually takes a major place.

Priscilla begins by representing expressive and colorful landscapes then the abstract is invited in turn where these meet a great success with art lovers and collectors .

Her style becomes clearer and the artist plunges into Pop culture , a universe she has loved for a long time.

Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo are represented thanks to her colorful palette, then superheroes like Captain Marvel, The Scarlet Witch (Scarlet Witch), Hulk ...

The artist addresses in his works the notions of force (power) and fragility (sensitivity) where they seem to clash, meet, mingle ...

Priscilla is fascinated by "inner strength", she interprets these two poles in her own way by suggesting a duality, an alliance or even a symbiosis ... (harmony).

We often find in his works, plant motifs represented by petals, leaves, branches ... rocked by the wind and being able to evoke freedom, sensitivity, exaltation echoed with his life course.

The artist is convinced that the previous or present cracks and weaknesses lead to reveal the "real" strength. A transcendent and positive force as a praise of fragility. A sure path to trust, love, life!

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