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Discover contemporary painting inspired by expressionism art

Contemporary painting inspired by expressionism art

It is through expressionism through her colorful contemporary paintings that the artist painter Priscilla Vettese expresses her diverse feelings with the help of her brushes and painting knives. The artist endowed with a certain sensitivity is an intuitive person who likes to play with colors.

Expressionism is the projection of a subjectivity that tends to distort reality to inspire the viewer with an emotional reaction

expressionist red painting
"Efflorescence" red abstract painting

An expressionist painting in admiration for nature

I am Priscilla Vettese, a contemporary painter artist who practices colorful expressionist painting, where my deep and humble admiration for Mother Nature leads me irremediably to spring her from my mind and represent her on the canvas in a spontaneous way through the prism of my emotions.

From then on, colors emerge, harmonize, shapes and movements are almost perceptible.

We sometimes glimpse scenes, landscapes and especially in the abstract, patterns inspired by the natural context itself, such as the vegetation that surrounds us: leaves, roots, petals, flowers (roses, poppies, etc. .)

artiste peintre expressionniste

Discover the contemporary expressionist artist

Abstract Expressionism branch of Lyrical Abstraction

Fiery, vivacious, free and spontaneous: the gestures of the Lyrical Abstraction painters are in contrast to the slow and meticulous or even obsessive gestures of the abstract geometric painters.

Through a quest for spirituality, these artists wish to express a truth buried in themselves.

It's been since my childhood that I drew and painted figurative such as landscapes, portraits on demand, characters ...

It was a way to express my various feelings, to explore my vast inner cosmos through figurative art.

Since I discovered this art form through Expressionism, I have inner joy and I can paint in harmony with my inner "me", listening intently, almost meditating.

By painting spontaneously and intuitively, I no longer systematically seek to represent (what I see) even if I project various emotions and feelings.

Now, a much more introspective and rich quest is offered to me, like a resilience, and therefore is tinted by spirituality.

I see it as a resilience, a spiritual path to take and to share with all those who will be receptive to intuitive painting.

Recently, the artistic theory oriented towards the spirituality of Kandinksy was a shock and a revelation ... this broth of feelings coming from my inner being could finally flourish and materialize on the canvas in order to exert an energy there in turn. immanent and transcendent visual.

"A work of art is not beautiful, pleasant, pleasant. It is not there because of its appearance or form which pleases our senses. Value is not aesthetic. A work is good when it is able to provoke vibrations of the soul, since art is the language of the soul and it is the only one. "- Wassily Kandinsky
colorful expressionist painting
"Sortie abyssale" colorful painting by the contemporary artist Priscilla Vettese

Abstract art and intuition: An inner resonance through colors

Did you know that through abstract art, colors can exert an influence on our conscious or unconscious? You just have to trust your intuition, listening to it vibrate and let it express itself without barrier on the canvas.

The visual sensation generated by abstract art and the colors interacts affectively on our interiority where sit the soil of our feelings and our deep emotions.

It is a direct dialogue with his soul such as the inner resonance that cannot be shared because it touches the most intimate of our intimacy through our lived and personal history.

Intuitive abstract painting is not an end in itself. Shapes and colors harmonize within the composition of the painting, the final goal of which is to create a harmony capable of allowing us to come into direct contact with the human soul, and therefore to enter into inner resonance.

colors abstract paintings
Colored paintings : expressionist painting by a french artist

Abstract expressionist paintings: Discover new modern abstract paintings

Here is a new collection of abstract expressionist paintings resulting from my imagination and out of absolute and unchanging admiration for colors, vegetation, landscapes, nature ...

I invite you to discover this series of modern expressionism paintings entitled: "La nécessite du Moi".

This composition of modern abstract paintings is not finished and will be fully enriched by my creative and "necessary" impulses.


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PVettese est une artiste peintre contemporaine.

A travers son art, elle capture l'essence vibrante et dynamique de notre société à travers son art.


Inspirée par la pop culture et l'art urbain, elle revisite avec audace les icônes de notre époque.


Son style résolument coloré et énergique éveille des émotions intenses, invitant les spectateurs à la réflexion.


Plongez dans son univers pétillant, et bouillonnant, où chaque œuvre est une invitation à explorer une réalité indicible.

Découvrir l'univers de l'artiste

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