Modern blue green abstract painting on canvas

The contemporary painter artist Priscilla Vettese invites you to discover a modern abstract painting inspired by expressionism where bright colors, spontaneity of movement and emotions advocate through her colorful online art gallery.

"Sortie Abyssale" abstract expressionist painting on canvas in acrylic

A modern colorful, expressionist abstract painting that the artist has chosen to call "Sortie Abyssale".

"Painting is an art and art as a whole is not a vain creation of objects which are lost in the void, but a power which has a purpose and must serve for the evolution and refinement of the art. human soul, to the movement of the Triangle. It is the language which speaks to the soul, in its proper form, of things which are the daily bread of the soul and which it can only receive in this form. "- Wassily Kandinsky

This painting indeed presents colors of blue, green and white which adds a touch of serenity and appeasement. It is a work that was produced in an intuitive, spontaneous way: expressionism.

We find ourselves in the heart of a breaking wave, the energy almost palpable, hypnotizes and captures the mind.

Root systems seem to want to enlist in its effervescent scum. A single exit can be seen in the distance like a well bathed in light..

The quote from Léonard Cohen reasons through my work "There is a fault in everything, it is through there that light enters".