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Buy an unique and pop art blue painting


Welcome to my website, you are in the Blue painting section .

Discover my whole modern pop art collection online of blue paintings hand-painted with acrylic, passion and emotions.

I am very careful with both the choice of colors and the finalization of the painting. Thus, each work is varnished with several layers of high-quality high-gloss varnish.

All pop art paintings presented here are duly hand-signed and countersigned on the back of the canvas.

A respective certificate of authenticity is issued for each of these paintings.


Symbolism of blue color

When we evoke blue , we immediately think of the sky and the sea. This is quite normal and natural since these two elements of blue color are an integral part of our environment and our daily life.

This is why the blue shade is one of the most popular colors.

An infinite source of inspiration

I really like to associate blue with my artworks. It's a color that inspires me a lot and soothes me.

I like to use blue color on my paintings because blue allows to arouse positive emotions and goes very well with the abstract universe.

This color is very often associated with the dream world, with wisdom and is therefore conducive to relaxation and relaxation.

Blue ambience for your interior

In order to create a quite and soothing atmosphere in your interior, I recommend that you associate blue with your interior decoration.

The blue artworks are inspired by the sea and the sky but I also do abstracts to let my emotions express from the blue.

To choose a painting for your decoration, it is important to have a crush and let yourself be guided by your instincts.

In addition, this wonderful color is very trendy and goes wonderfully with furniture (sideboard, shelf) or on a clean wall. It is a very easy color to adopt.

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