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Street Art Basquiat Painting Original by the artist PVettese

Street Art is much more than just a painting on a wall. It is a form of artistic expression which is increasingly finding its place in homes through artworks like this original street art painting by the artist Vettese.

We will explore the mixed media used to create this unique artwork, its characteristic elements, and how the presence of the Dove Below, inspired by Chagall, embodies universal values such as love and peace.

street art painting

Painting Jean Michel Basquiat on street art canvas in 61 x 50 cm format - 2024 - PVettese Artiste

Brut Art On Canvas: Mixed Media inspired by Street Art

street art painting Basquiat

Urban Basquiat Tribute, an art brut painting in homage to Basquiat and Chagall

  • The Aerosol Bomb

Aerosol, also known as spray paint, is an emblematic technique of Street Art. PVettese often used it to create flashy colors of shadows, splashes and drips and mainly serves as a base on the canvas.

The aerosol can allows for quick and smooth application of paint, giving the artist great freedom of expression.

In this painting, the bright bursts of color created by the aerosol catch the eye and add a unique energy to the work.

  • Collage

Collage is a recurring technique in the art of the artist PVettese. They bring a dynamic and textured dimension to the work.

To create a street art collage, the artist uses various materials such as pieces of newspaper, leaves, or visuals directly glued to the canvas to create a visual impact on which his work will be built.

In this painting, the collages add visual depth and an additional dimension to the whole.

  • Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is versatile and allows the artist to layer colors, creating complex and emotionally tinged visual effects.

PVettese often uses acrylic brush paint to add details and symbolic elements to her works.

On this canvas, the acrylic paint creates striking contrasts and adds depth to the whole.

  • The Poscas

Posca Markers are widely used in Street Art to add fine details and sharp outlines.

PVettese frequently uses these Posca markers to highlight certain elements of his works. In this work, the precise and clear lines of the Posca bring a welcome clarity to the whole.

The Dove Inspired by Chagall: Symbol of Love and Peace

basquiat art brut painting

At the bottom of the street art painting on canvas representing Basquiat is a Dove, which the artist was inspired by Marc Chagall.

The Dove is a universal symbol of peace, love and hope. His presence in this work adds a deep emotional dimension, inviting the viewer to reflect on values essential to humanity and particularly in the context of the painting.

This original and unique Street Art painting by artist PVettese is much more than just a work of art.

This Basquiat street art painting is the result of complex mixed media, combining collage, aerosol, acrylic paint and markers to create a work of impactful contrasts, vibrant and captivating.

The presence of the Dove, inspired by Chagall, adds a deep emotional dimension, making this piece a remarkable addition to any interior.


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Pop Urban Artist Paris

Priscilla Vettese is a pop urban artist.

In her studio in Paris she captures his canvases through his emotions, the intensity of colors, composes colorful textures with spontaneous, trendy colorful touches to immortalize the moment in acrylic.

Through pop art paintings and pop art sculptures , her inspiration comes for the admiration of colors.

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