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Multicolor painting: art, colors by an expressionist abstract artist


Welcome to the multicolor painting section of the expressionist contemporary artist Priscilla Vettese


The artist likes to manipulate colors in her multicolor abstract paintings in order to capture the multiple color variations possible in her artworks.


It is good to know that colors also take on a meaning in the history of art: white symbolizes the color of purity, innocence and chastity, gold of refinement, nobility and wealth, blue that of wisdom, serenity, red of power and courage.

Today, these allegories still exist in our beliefs. In a less stereotypical way, the colors fall into three categories: cold, warm and neutral tones. Thus, the painter will seek to arouse in his multicolor artwork an atmosphere, emotions through the play of colors.


Each abstract multicolor painting is a unique artwork, intuitively hand-painted in the artist's studio, near Paris.


Find below the abstract paintings rich in colors :


  • Multicolor paintings are expressionist paintings where all the colors come together on one and the same colored canvas.

  • The flashy painting consists of powerful colors. This style of table will give energy, freshness to your wall decoration.

  • The type of colorful modern painting will bring a characterful, modern and contemporary atmosphere to your interior.

Each contemporary multicolor painting is hand-signed, countersigned on the back and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

For any information on a flashy, colorful or multicolor painting, feel free to contact the artist.

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