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Red pink yellow abstract painting - "Efflorescence"

Red pink abstract painting

This is a new red and pink abstract painting by the contemporary artist Priscilla Vettese, viewable via her online art gallery.

This expressionist painting rich in vivid colors is an original artwork.

This abstract painting was hand painted by the artist using high quality acrylic.

This red and pink painting on canvas features lively movements representing a certain material and textures through the delicate use of the painting knife.

The curves, volutes of golden colors (gold) bring refinement and a discreet relief to the abstract and expressive composition. We discover pink, white and red petals. Flowers carried away, in motion.

"Efflorescence" - red, pink painting. 21.65 x 18.11 inch. Expressionist painting on canvas

This colorful painting hand-painted and inspired by the expressionism movement is mounted on a wooden.

It is a unique artwork of high quality, a "high gloss" varnish has been applied for a refined rendering and optimal protection over time. It only exists in a single copy.

This colorful expressionist painting in abstract style measuring 21.65 x 18.11 inch is currently available for sale in the art gallery online of the artist Priscilla Vettese.

Bring a unique, authentic and lyrical touch to your interior atmosphere with this modern abstract red and pink painting.

This painting will be delivered to you with its certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist.

In the event that this modern red rose yellow painting is no longer available, browse the artist's art gallery and check out his other canvases.

It is quite possible to order a personalized red pink painting, do not hesitate to contact the artist by email.

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PVettese est une artiste peintre contemporaine.

A travers son art, elle capture l'essence vibrante et dynamique de notre société à travers son art.


Inspirée par la pop culture et l'art urbain, elle revisite avec audace les icônes de notre époque.


Son style résolument coloré et énergique éveille des émotions intenses, invitant les spectateurs à la réflexion.


Plongez dans son univers pétillant, et bouillonnant, où chaque œuvre est une invitation à explorer une réalité indicible.

Découvrir l'univers de l'artiste

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