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Peonies abstract painting - "L'Abandon"

Peonies abstract painting titled L'Abandon

The artist invites you to discover her latest abstract painting of flowers on the theme of peonies.

This unique peonies abstract painting is an original artwork by Priscilla Vettese, french contemporary artist.

abstract peonies painting
"L'Abandon" peonies acrylic painting on canvas

An intuitive abstract floral painting with pink, white, blue, violet peonies

Through this intuitive and floral abstract painting we discover colors that invite contemplation such as blue, mauve (violet), white.

The colorful patterns are painted with a painting knife and brush with acrylic where we can guess the petals in full flight; peonies in different colors of pink, white, mauve seem to bloom happily in the air ...

This is an original abstract painting from the imagination of the artist Priscilla Vettese out of admiration for nature. This is a unique hand-painted floral abstract painting, so there is only one copy of this artwork.

More visual details and information about this peonies painting, via the link below:

See more details about this peonies abstract painting

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snoopy serie artiste site.jpg

Priscilla Vettese est une artiste peintre contemporaine.

C'est dans son atelier situé à Paris 13ème que l'artiste s'inspire de la Pop culture, un univers qu'elle affectionne depuis longtemps gràce à son style graphique et coloré .

Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo sont représentés mais aussi des personnages comme Snoopy, Mickey, Iron Man ou Batman!

Découvrir l'univers de l'artiste

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