Abstract multicolor painting on canvas

Discover an abstract multicolor painting titled "Souffrance", a colorful painting in expressionism style by the contemporary artist painter Priscilla Vettese.

This expressionist multicolor painting in acrylic with its colorful style and bright colors will bring dynamism and character to your interior atmosphere.

abstract multicolor painting

A colorful painting to tribute to nature

The title "Souffrance" of this contemporary colorful painting is based on nature. The colors chosen are powerful and full of dynamism.

The artist Priscilla Vettese has an admiration for nature, in particular global warming which is at the heart of her concerns.

The artist hand-painted this colorful painting inspired by movement expressionism using both warm and vivid colors where each color seems to come to life, so as to obtain a painting on canvas that is perfectly impactful to capture the attention.

It is a perfect expressionist colorful painting if you are sensitive towards nature and protecting the planet. Echoing your convictions, this canvas will fit perfectly into your home interior.

A unique multicolor painting painted in acrylic

This unique multicolor painting in shimmering and vivid colors is a unique contemporary achievement, only available in one copy. This colorful artwork makes this work a truly original piece for your interior decoration.

It is the first colorful work, inspired by nature, from the second colorful abstract series "Chaos" by the artist Priscilla Vettese.