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Discover the art collection of abstract paintings by expressionist artist Priscilla Vettese.

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Abstract and colorful expressionist painting

The artist likes to paint intuitively and expresses herself by the prism of her emotions through its colorful artworks.

 This is how she passionately realizes each colorful abstract painting.

When abstraction is opposed to figuration

We find figurative painting on old paintings, especially in museums or castles.

These are paintings where a decor, a character are represented for example ... on the contrary of an abstract artwork where we do not try to represent what we see, a form or something concrete.

This kind of modern and contemporary art invites to listen and explore his own feelings, emotions.

You should know that Vassily Kandinsky is the precursor of abstraction and we mainly associate abstract art with this artist.

Piet Mondrian or Vasarely are also great famous painters of the abstract universe.

"From the spiritual in art" is the well-known book written by Vassily Kandinsky where he relates in particular according to him that abstract painting has a sort of spiritual universe, a notion of the divine while rejecting materialism.

This is how abstract art is born, a new kind of painting which touches the deep soul, the sensitivity, the feelings of each one.

Pure emotions, freedom of expression and spontaneity: Lyrical abstraction

Long before the term lyrical abstraction was defined, the direct expression of the soul through individual emotion, a sort of absolute freedom of visual artistic language, has already more or less manifested itself in Wassily Kandinsky, notably in his first series of "improvisations" and "compositions" in the 1920's.

Later in 1947, lyrical abstract painting took on its full meaning when it was baptized by the critic Jean José Marchand and Georges Mathieu.

Lyrical abstract art is opposed to geometric abstraction.

Expressionist abstract paintings for sale by an contemporary artist

Each abstract painting is unique and original hand-painted with great finesse.

These expressionist abstract paintings are intuitive in which the notion of absolute emotion is advocated with complete freedom of movement and aesthetics.

These artworks are mounted on a quality wooden frame.

A hanging system is provided at the back of each of the abstract artworks.

The photos of the modern abstract paintings are those of a clean model and are faithful to the real painting "in real life".

  • Each abstract painting is hand-signed and countersigned on the back of the canvas.

  • Your painting is delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

  • Delivery is free for all orders in France.

Payment in installments is possible by check (choose this method of payment when paying).



The artist  invites you to a visual pleasure rich in emotions through his abstract paintings ...