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Statue Bulldog Super Hero "Bulldog Hero"

statue bulldog pop art

Very trendy, bulldog statues bring an original and design touch to your interior.

The pop art sculptures of the painter Priscilla Vettese should seduce you since each resin or ceramic work is hand painted with the original style of the artist.

Statue Bulldog pop art super hero "Bulldog Hero"

Discover without further delay this bulldog statue of a superhero painted by the painter Priscilla Vettese.

"Bulldog Hero", is a unique pop art sculpture that will give a colorful touch to your decoration or collection!

To complete or start your collection in an original way, this statue of a bulldog in a superhero cape should delight you with its flashy colors and its very contemporary style with its origami rendering.

bouledogue statue héros

Pop art graffiti bulldog sculpture by artist Priscilla Vettese

The artist offers you a large collection of pop art statues in his online gallery thanks to his limitless creativity.

In addition, you will find other original sculptures of different dimensions in the artist's online art gallery.

The artist offers you here an animal statue inspired by the universe of superheroes, full of dynamism with its graffiti street art spirit and its very pop bright colors.

This blue / gold pop art design sculpture will find its place in your living room, on a sideboard or why not in an office to work in a trendy and joyful atmosphere.

This bespectacled bulldog graffiti statue with its colorful cape will leave no one indifferent with its original and origami style.

sculpture bulldog pop

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Pop Urban Artist Paris

Priscilla Vettese is a pop urban artist.

In her studio in Paris she captures his canvases through his emotions, the intensity of colors, composes colorful textures with spontaneous, trendy colorful touches to immortalize the moment in acrylic.

Through pop art paintings and pop art sculptures , her inspiration comes for the admiration of colors.

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