Urban paintings / City paintings art gallery


Find here the urban painting art gallery by the contemporary artist, Priscilla Vettese, specialized in city ​​painting .


Her main medium is acrylic paint. To create her urban paintings , she pays close attention to the choice of colors and the quality of the paint.


To represent a city or a village, she likes to go outside before realizing them, she observes streets, alleys, houses, buildings, monuments, churches, ports. She likes to know the city and its history.


Generally these are important places where there are a lot of tourists, the most important cities as the capitals.

Some of these urban paintings were painted in the open air.


Discover the complete collection of these city paintings here.

These paintings are a general representation concerning the theme of the city in a figurative, modern and colorful style.

Each of these acrylic paintings is unique and available for sale immediately.

The picture of the painting is contractual to the real one, you will not have any false surprises.

The artist takes care to take the pictures of these works herself, paying close attention to them.


These artworks are hand-signed, countersigned and delivered with their certificates of authenticity in their own respective packages.

Delivery is free to France.