Seascape painting, boats, port / marine painting online


Collecting an unique seascape painting painted by a contemporary artist Priscilla Vettese.


As a artist specializing in marine paintings , I like to observe landscapes and the marine world.

In particular, boats and the sea . Indeed, the world of the sea is an elusive subject and this is what captivates me the most.

This is how I like to represent boats, port, landscape to capture the frozen moment of a particular moment or subject.


I use acrylic and I offer here a gallery of seascape paintings on this page.


A seascape painting is a marine painting from figurative art, it comes mainly by inspiration from the sea itself.

You should know that marine painting is an important genre of the 17th century which enjoyed great renown with Dutch painting.

The seascape essentially represents landscapes of naval battles, boats, sailboats by the sea.

The works of art presented here are varnished with several shiny coats for a very refined rendering and good protection.

Each acrylic painting is certified original and unique resulting from my own imagination and emotions.


The picture of the painting remains entirely faithful to the real painting. The photos are taken by me.

My paintings are hand-signed and countersigned with their unique certificates of authenticity.