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abstract flowers painting / abstract floral painting


Here is the art collection of abstract flowers paintings hand-painted by the artist Priscilla Vettese.

Each abstract flowers painting made by the artist offers a large floral colorful panel where we find different kinds of flowers: roses, poppies, peonies, bougainvillea, mixed flower bouquet and even vegetable plants. Nature fascinates the artist, especially when it is colorful.

All of the artist's abstract floral paintings are presented here in their entirety and are available for purchase through this art gallery.


You will find abstract paintings with a floral theme inviting you to dream, to travel and which can arouse your emotions.


The artist also likes to paint figurative flowers paintings

A figurative flowers painting can also be associated with the figurative genre depicting nature in a concrete way, as we see it, like colorfull landscapes or seascapes.

A painting of flowers as a whole holds within the history of art, a recurring position compared to other known pictorial genres. We find in particular the bouquet of flowers in the practice of the genre of still life.

To discover the full range of flower landscape paintings available, simply visit the gallery of unique and original paintings offered below.


Let yourself be hypnotized and surprised by Nature with these unique works which are hand-signed, countersigned and delivered with their certificate of authenticity by the artist.

Delivery is free for France.

A payment in several installments is possible, just choose the option of payment by check, more info here.